Blog traffic is easier to generate than any other website traffic, and here are some strategies to generate and increase Blog Traffic.

1. First of all you need to submit your RSS feed to all major feed directories, and once a while, like once a week, you need to ping your feed.

2. Try to have at least one new post every 5 to 8 days, and make it unique and high quality post targeting a keyword related to your niche.

3. Bookmark your blog and each new post using the major bookmarking services.Also use social buttons on each blog post to allow your readers to share your post.

4. Use Bloggers communities to connect with other bloggers, and share your post with them. And also invite them to read your posts and comment on your blog.

5. Comment on other related blogs, this way you can get god backlink to your blog, and introduce yourself to other blogs readers where they can read your comment and get to know you and some of your knowledge.

6. Find other blogs related to your topic with high ranking and high traffic, and ask the owner to allow you to post a guest post on their blogs, and write high quality guest posts to attract the readers of that blog to visit your blog for more valuable information.

7. Always try to improve your search engine ranking by proper SEO and link building.

8. Use some traffic generation tools that help you automate some of your marketing strategies and generate more traffic to your blog and increase your search engine ranking, you can find the best traffic tools at Blog Traffic from Arabian-affiliate.com.

It’s always a great idea to invest on your SEO, and try to get your blog into high ranking for at least one of your targeted keywords, and for that you need to always generate more backlinks to your blog, and your deeper links (posts links). For this I strongly recommend the LinkEmperor link building service. or trying one of those Link Building tools at SEOlinkbuildingpackages.net.




To make money online in general could be easy, but as a beginner you would not see it until you get your own experience which could cost you a lot of money in the process of making money online.

You would be lost between products, courses, programs and opportunities, and may lose a lot of money in this process. For example if you have been using ClickBank and purchased some of the money making programs on it, you have seen that most of them are worthless, with fake screen shots and their main propose is to generate the owner some profits and build a list for them, list of affiliates and customers at the same time.

Those guys know how to make money, but they are not sharing it with you, they use the process of clickbank, to build their own business. You would notice that all of them are will soon start sending you more offers after you signed up as an affiliate on their CB JV page or if you signed up through the purchase of their $37 product.

The only way for you to make money online as a beginner is to have a process, first of all a system that is proven to work, that is working for other marketers, and traffic generation process that allow you to generate targeted traffic to that system.

The system could be a list building system, affiliate offer, network marketing or MLM business opportunity, but it must be converting system, you know that only by being sure it had and have been working for others and they are making money using this system.

Traffic generation is the hard part, and here you need to be really creative, consistent, and welling to invest money or/and time on to get the results you seek.

The best traffic generation tips I can share with you as a beginner are:

1. social media, for example if you have a facebook network or a linkedin network, you can attract some of them to see and maybe join your money making system, but you must be sure that some of your network may be interested in such an offer. If your network are only women who are interested on fashion, you cannot send them a muscle building offer. So know what interest your friends first.

2. YouTube Videos. Today YouTube videos are the best traffic generation, not only because there are millions viewing videos at youtube daily, but also because today Google put a lot of YouTube videos on the first results on the search engine results pages. And the fastest way to get your videos attracting people is to use Fiverr to generate some fast video views and voting, sharing.

3. Press release is also an amazing strategy to generate fast traffic to your offer and money making system, use a creative title for the press release and share it with as many as possible.

Here is a great article explain the process in more details, and at the end of the article you will find some great website traffic resources that are very recommended.

Make money online for beginners from http://www.arabian-affiliate.com/


Good luck

Google penguin 2.0


We expect the new Google update in the first 2 weeks of September, and it could happen any time now. they will call it Penguin 2.0 this time.

no one really know what it will be about exactly, but what we are sure of is that it will be a continuance of penguin 1,

while some of us hoped that it will be a repair update, that will fix some issues brought with penguin 1, they will be disappointed.

what we think that the new penguin 2.0 will focus on content and keywords again and some other linking strategies that was not covered by the first penguin like links from directories, and linkwheels.

But will also may check on any repairing you have made, for example if you have removed any bad backlinks since the first update.

my tip to you is that:

make more effort on writing original high quality content, and write for people not search engine, you cannot trick Google with optimizing your content anymore. so just write content that people will like.

make your website readable, and so easy to access the content and navigation, reduce animation and advertizements, especially from the header.

Still you need quality and quantity of backlinks, you need to stop the old fashion of link building strategies. start using your common since. any easy way to get backlink must be suspicious to you.

maybe its time to start outsourcing, find or hire someone to help you in your link building. some link building service do adjust fast to any Google update, and i think it’s a good time to use some of those services to get some high quality backlinks. I do recommend LinkEmperor it’s the best link building service i have worked with.

here are 2 articles i found interesting about the topic

Penguin 2.0 New Google Update September 2012



keep an eye on http://www.seolinkbuildingpackages.net/ for new updates


Success In One Step



In this Motivational Monday I want keep it really simple and remind you that great success is created through ordinary people with great VISIONS.

How’s your vision for your life doing lately? Is it strong vibrant and driving you towards what you want or is it on life support?

One great guy once said: “ It’s how you deal with failure that ultimately determines you success.”

You see! Life is a game, serious game, and there are 3 parties, losers, winners and those watching from the side. And only you can choose what side you want to take.

Today Pluginprofitsite program have reached its best most successful and profitable stage, it’s now designed to make it really easy for anyone to succeed, fast and easy. And there will be no better time to join with the most successful team like today.

So Choose what you want to do with this email, you can delete and forget about it, or you can click this link and join us now.


Wish you the best



Affordable SEO Rankings


Traffic is essential if any online business is to succeed. Your organization may purchase that traffic through advertising, ezines and other means… Or opt to go the SEO route and get your traffic at no cost.

However in so doing there’s first an outlay in costs to have your internet site highly ranked on all the major search engines. The more ranking you want to obtain, on multiple pages, using multiple keywords/phrases, the more costly it’ll be to your business.

However the real question, is merely how costly?….  And, in the event you go the D.I.Y SEO route, how effective could it be and how much cash are you going to save?

Just what is a reasonable price or perhaps the average cost for employing a search engine optimisation company?

The challenge with many SEO companies is always that they are literally charging lots of money for any basic SEO campaigns which may include optimization of only some websites and ranking of just two or three keywords. Just how much for this type of package….  any where from 2 to $4,000.

The present going rate for in-house (internal) SEO work is anywhere between 40 to $60 hourly, with external rate, b2b sitting at roughly $100 hourly.

If you’re a large company, these rates may be affordable however for most small business owners and solopreneurs, they may be simply not possible.

A good large company may need to be handing their SEO tasks to a good employee who are able to study the required skills and methods and apply these when needed. 1 or 2 people with such capabilities wouldn’t normally only save the company profits but enables their business to adapt to new SEO products a lot faster than needing to outsource.

What you will be not being told are the SEO companies is always that search engine results positioning is basically not too tough to master… As well as the second point that perhaps matters the most is once you’ve high ranking for several selected keywords, a bit maintenance and tweaking will keep you there for many years. Even to the stage a whole lot of SEO work might be outsourced at very low rates to experts far away that makes it more affordable.

Without a doubt, obtaining higher rankings by doing it on your own or handing it to a major SEO is quite doable. Because of so many affordable SEO guides, memberships and software programs online today, it is a wonder that explains why most companies are yet to employ their very own in-house SEO specialists making use of their current staff.

So, is that this to say that learning all SEO techniques is simply walk-in-the-park, definitely not. But anybody with a reasonable ability in technical matters could have a large website on it’s way to excellent ranking positions within as low as a fortnight.

Unfortunately what most lack in SEO, can be a concise and clear course of action. Yes, most discover the techniques and methods required however are not able to act or are not able to implement the whole plan thus producing minimal outcomes. As with any strategy, it ought to be implemented right through to ab muscles last step, SEO just isn’t different.

Using the continuing improvement of search engines like google to deliver better results, search engine marketing will keep growing and become on the go.

The choice actually need for your business is….

Precisely how much income do you need to remove from your own business pocket in making use of such services, or is there a better alternative if you take your SEO in-house and increasing business profits continually, year in year out?

See this tool http://www.seolinkbuildingpackages.net/WebFire.html for straightforward fast ranking with search engines like google and high traffic.

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